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The goal and the mission of the TAB_letter project and the poem “Ode to Humanity” is to spread the positive message across the world through musical performances in different languages in different cultures.

TAB_letter is a multidimensional artistic project with which I intended to explore the unknown boundaries within the communication areas of words, music/sound and image/color. Minimalist designed alphabet was placed on the note-scale for easy reading during the performance of musical artwork, whether it is in the form of acoustic instrumental or digital recording using interpolation sound. In musical terms, each text requires the accurate prior study and possibly the set of rules by which to read and perform it using acoustic instruments. The performers/musicians are thus offered the complete freedom, which contributes to authenticity and originality of the artwork.

TAB_letter has all letters adapted to all languages. Depending on with which language the text was written i.e. “Ode to Humanity” (whether Croatian, Icelandic, French, Dutch, German, English, Norwegian, Japanese etc.) its music/sound will be completely different. It is important to emphasize that any musical performance in any language has a pre-defined identity set by the performer and the surrounding environment. The lyrics for “Ode to Humanity” are written by myself and they represent the main subject of the first phase of the Project. In this poem I address the humanity of today which is lost in material lust and distorted values. The poem invites a human (referring to the universal concept) to return to its original spiritual state of human being.

Professional musicians, sound artists and contemporary dance artists from all counties feel free to contact FOR COLLABORATION. Please also visit the official web of the project below –  red button

MOON © 2015  

TAB_LETTER flags “Ode to Humanity” in Slovenian and Croatian _ photography: MOON


Heeej Human, where are you going?!

Without your soul you turned into the path of darkness and empty force,
at twilight, which was born out of the dark.
Take this voice and revive it in the Psyche.
Go back to your Self in your Being, to your Universe.

Yes, I’m talking to you!
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?

Become aware of your Essence and restore the balance, the One.
You’re a part of the golden section, a link between Heaven and Earth.

Yes, I’m talking to you, Human.


 MOON © 2012


* HUMAN: a universal concept: s is divided into male, female and intersex gender. / Source – Wikipedia
* “ONE” symbolizes the three kingdoms: mineral, vegetable and animal. / Source – A secret code, Priya Hemenway
* PSYCHE: symbolizes the human soul torn by feelings, thoughts, and its own perceptions of reality .. If the psyche is fuid and the soul is pure without barriers in the form of illusions, fears and egoism, all himan dimensions are able to be in contact with each other as a result of psyche mediation. / Source – Te myth of Psyche, Ana Jončić and Marijana Starcevic Vukajlovic
* BEING: what makes a thing what it is (how an object is defned without considering other irrelevant variable setings (big, litle, yellow, green, etc.)). Source/ – unknown
* ESSENCE: it is the original element of Being. It represents all that is, which is beyond nothing. Ontology (general metaphysics) deals with Being as it is. What is, can be in a variety of ways. Tat is why we distinguish diferent spheres of Being: the sphere of sensory objects, sphere of oversensory objects and the sphere of ideal objects./ Source – Wikipedia

FRENCH VERSION – French/Croatian music collaboration

Institut Français de Croatie, Médiathèque, year 2016. Musicians approached the TAB graphical score with their unique freestyle guided interpretation including recitals of the poem “Ode to Humanity” in French and Croatian language.

“Ode to Humanity” in the French language, music performance with ROKAMBOL band: Jelena Rajcevic – percussion&vocal, Marko Rukavina – contrabass, Miro Manojlovic – vibraphone, Niksa Marinovic – guitar&vocal, Tena Novak – violin&vocal. Photography: MOON

SLOVENIAN VERSION – music collaboration and dance performance

Cameron Bobro and Peter Tomaž Dobrila approached the graphic score of Martina “Moon” Zelenika as if it were written in the medieval notation of “neumes”, in which pitches are not fixed according to some mathematical standard, but shown relative to one another in both height (higher, lower, pitches) and duration (shorter, longer, notes).

“Ode to Humanity” in the Slovenian language, KID KIBLA Maribor, multimedia center /players: Cameron Bobro (clarinet) and Peter Tomaž Dobrila (Turkish oud), year 2013. Photography: MOON

A very intimate ballet dance performance of Mircea Albert Golescu, ballet dancer of Maribor Ballet ensemble (Slovenia). He was invited for a challenge and to join to Project with free approach. Mircea Albert made his own choreography from his deep experience of music “Ode to Humanity” (Slovenian version). He embodied a message of the poem into unique visual and emotive experience by using his body movements and expression. Thanks to Mircea Albert Golescu, he made a big contribution to this Project.

KID KIBLA Maribor, multimedia center, year 2015. Photography: Janez Klenovsek

CROATIAN VERSION – music collaboration

Students approach was based on classical reading of the musical notes. They translated TAB elements into classical music notes and adjusted to their music instruments.

“Ode to Humanity” in the Croatian language, music performance with string trio: violin – Sven Marković, viola – Valentina Protolipac, cello – Iva Mihalj, students of Music Academy University of Zagreb Croatia. Solo exhibition and music performance financially supported by City of Zagreb-Department of Education, Culture and Sports, Croatia.

Gallery NANO Zagreb, solo exhibition, year 2012. Photography: Ognjen Karabegovic