STATUS: Completed, February 2019

The debut film MOUNTAIN is an experimental documentary, focusing on the universal philosophy of the Earth which is derived from spirituality and ecology. The film highlights female energy as closely related to Earth (Gaia), personifying the mountain through a woman’s sensual voice and expressive figure.  With the film, the author wants to influence the human consciousness to preserve the Earth from another perspective, with empathy and compassion. The movie is dedicated to every mountain.

The film was produced by the Zebra – Creative Network, funded by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre – HAVC

2K transferred to DCP and full HD video │ 10ʼ51″│ sound │ color │ 2019


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Kimono “Mountain”, made of fabrics taffeta, satin and silk, digital print on silk, hand-made, unique 1/1

Visual and fashion design © MOON, 2019