STATUS: Complited, 2017-2018

Artworks have never been exhibited publicly 

8 x traditional drawings, 1/1 originals _  graphite pencils on canvas roll _ high 200 x 100 cm wide _ framed (white massive frame, under the glass)


The search for the perfect language; Semiotic decoding of universal sound into an analogue drawing is a new research project named META_SIGNAL SONAR SYSTEM or “MSSS”.

My interest in sound research came from my lifetime obsession with the Universal Energy phenomenon. Energy is the frequency and vibration of the Universe. Energy is a phenomenon of Constant and it represents everything – it is everything. Universal communication and meta-language are my latest subjects of interest. Sound is the first blueprint of the World, it can be considered as the primary expression of language. Through an ancient Stoic Meditation technique (Athenodorus’ technique) and AUM Mantra meditative technique, I am investigating and reaching out to a human meta-perception that has been lost in our current ways of communication in the information age. By using a semantic and meditative approach, I make visual soundscape compositions “sound galaxies” as a reflection of emotions and of the mind on surroundings including noise and lo-fi soundscapes. It is research of Universal sound and its visualization. Energy frequency, in combination with my current emotions, stimulated by my surroundings and lo-fi soundscape, gives a different visual mark every time I stand in front of a blank paper or canvas: starting from the wrist movements, elliptic and circular movements from the elbow to the movement of the whole body. This type of drawing process represents the root of a primal human expression and communication.

Analogue drawing is the most important medium for my personal expression and I find it extremely important. Drawing is a medium in which the expression of the body and emotion, intellect, and imagination unite into an empirical dimension that then releases the inner creation of the meta-perception. This area of expression and research is connected with cosmology and universology, without excluding anthropological influences.

MOON © 2017

8 x traditional drawings, 1/1 originals _  graphite pencils on canvas roll _ high 200 x 100 cm wide 

photography: MOON, 2017