The artworks have never been publicly exhibited.

traditional drawing, 1/1 original _  graphite pencils on canvas roll _ high 200 x 100 cm wide _ framed (white massive frame, under the glass), 2017/2018

Universal language

The search for the perfect language; the Semiotic decoding of universal sound into an analogue drawing is a research project named META_SIGNAL SONAR SYSTEM or “MSSS”.

Universal communication and metalanguage are the subject of this artistic research. Sound can be considered one of the first forms of communication and can be considered the primary expression of language as well. By using a semantic and meditative approach, I make visual soundscape compositions “sound galaxies” as a reflection of emotions and of the mind on surroundings including noise and lo-fi soundscapes. It is a research of language and its visualization. During the process of intuitive (meditative) drawing, I use unlimited semiosis and semantic approach which gives the same result – motifs free from strictly defined meaning. It gives a different visual mark every time I stand in front of a blank paper: starting from the wrist movements, elliptic and circular movements from the elbow to the movement of the whole body. For making life-size drawings, body conditions and motor skills are emphasized. As the elliptic orbit is universal, shapes and lines together form a so-called attractor, which in physics and math is a state or behavior toward which a (nonlinear) dynamic system tends to evolve. In my work can be found from single-point attractor to variation of complex or strange attractor based on Jung’s theory of chaos. The process of preparation of my emotional field is taking its place every time before I start to draw or produce creation with lines. It requires high concentration, focusing and achieving a “positive emotional attractor”, waiting for the expansion of my energy in which the vision appears intuitively. This type of drawing process represents the root of a primal human expression and communication.

Analogue drawing is the most important medium for my personal expression and I find it extremely important. Drawing is a medium in which the expression of the body and emotion, intellect, and imagination unite into an empirical dimension that then releases the inner creation of the meta-perception. This area of expression and research is connected with cosmology and universology, without excluding anthropological influences.

MOON © 2017

8 x traditional drawings, 1/1 originals _  graphite pencils on canvas roll _ high 200 x 100 cm wide 

photography: MOON, 2017