The SOLAR CORONA series of drawings created during the crisis of the 2020 / 2021 was inspired by the solar system, the Suns’ solar or stellar corona, which has a significant impact on Earth. Aureole – crown – corona – crown chakra means the same, which connotes sublimity, the supernatural, beautiful, noble, and sacred. During the past two years, the term corona has taken on a negative connotation with the advent of the covid-19 virus, indicating danger, fear, and death. Instead of dystopian visual storytelling and creating a disturbing scenario, I prefer intuitively made energetic abstract compositions that have a beneficial effect on thoughts and thus on the chemistry of the human body.

The lines are expressed with strong, subtle and gentle strokes. Variations in the solar corona resulting from solar plasma eruptions were performed in layered strokes of long, short, and dashed lines in silver, black, blue, and fluorescent yellow. They vibrate and oscillate while mimicking electron motion, electron pressure and mass, coronal temperature, speed of light, magnetic field, X-ray light, plasma frequency, in a general sense – energy. 

My artistic work was interrupted by frequent relocations and stressful circumstances during the first wave of the covid-19 pandemic I spent in Berlin in 2020. I started creating these drawings during the last few months of living in that city. The whole situation was the driving force behind the creation of new drawings on the theme of the SOLAR CORONA.

MOON, 2021

traditional drawings, 1/1 originals _  mixed media on hammer paper 230 gr _ 2020/2021, Berlin/Zagreb

large 160 x 80 cm, small 80 x 60 cm _ framed (white frame, under the glass) 

Photography: MOON Studio, 2020/2021