The art video INTROVERSION was created with minimalistic and wide-open shots of the imposing northern and southern highlands of the Mt Velebit in Croatia. Shot by drone and 4K camera over 1400 m above sea level, the frames function as a visual journey through the peaks of the Mt and green wooded areas, but the video presents a journey from a twisted perspective. Scenes of spectacular natural scenery, partially colored to evoke the surreal surface of planet Earth and open the door to a World “on the other side of the view”. With this video collage, Zelenika creates a kind of ultimate meditative haven, with ideal conditions for the process of immersing oneself in times of broken privacy, pervasive panopticon and inflation of information.

Director, sound, editing: MOON Martina Zelenika

Camera drone: Marjan Radović

Production: December 2019, MOON studio

status: completed, December  2019

The film was produced by the MOON studio

4K and full HD video │ 3ʼ13″│ sound │ color │ 2019