Microscopic analysis of mineral stones: black Sphalerite, silver Galena and golden Pyrite. FESEM/EDS, high-result electron microscope for material analysis, Ruđer Bošković Institute (IRB) _ Laboratory credit: dr.sc. Marijan Gotić, Ruđer Bošković Institute (IRB), 2017

STATUS: Completed, 2017


NEW EUROPE –  sound interactive installation

DATA SONIFICATION – converting scientific data into synthesized music by using music algorithms

– a poetic outcome from laboratory analysis.

– sound is unseen dimensions of the stones – an untouchable medium.

– metal-based mineral stones have many beneficial material properties including energetic and healing properties which can have an impact on human development.



A unique set of interactive sound installation NEW EUROPE consists of three works of art, namely three special installations in the form of cubes 2m high, coated in silver and golden foil, geomorphic reliefs with natural mineral- stones: golden Pyrite (FeS2), silver Galena (PbS) and black Sphalerite (ZnS). Their chemical composition represents the roots of civilization. Through the artistic prism of intuitive perceptions and factual scientific analyses, the project presents the phenomenon of dark matter and Change as its absolute constant in the Universe, shown in material form: audibl- a sounds of mineral-stones, visibly- geomorphic reliefs (2 x diptych, 1 x triptych).

Change is a transpormation. It belongs to the phenomenon of Constant. The Change in its structure belongs to the absolute constant and it shows no change in conditions. It has a constant value such as the speed of light, gravitational constants, and Planck’s constant h {bar, within the framework of dark matter radiation, in the study of electrons and other elemental particles in atoms, molecules, and crystals.

In collaboration with Ruđer Bošković Institute in Zagreb, a quantum mechanics, X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) which deals with particle analysis, determination of chemical and crystallographic properties, and a high-resolution scanning electron microscope was used for material analysis called FESEM. Each of three mineral stones has been analyzed by X-rays for a crystal density analysis. The obtained laboratory analyses of mineral stones were used for further computer processing into sound. Thus, it was “drawn out” of the invisible dimension – a sound of minerals. The result: three different sounds transmitted from three different mineral stones.

MOON © 2017

X-RAY powder diffraction (XRPD): black Sphalerite, silver Galena and golden Pyrite. Laboratory credit: dr.sc. Goran Štefanić, Ruđer Bošković Institute (IRB) _ Photo credit: MOON 2017

Title: NEW EUROPE, interactive sound installation
Production and funding: MOON Studio
Project associates: Ruđer Bošković Institute (IRB) Zagreb Croatia, Department of Physics of Materials, dr.sc Ankica Šarić, dr.sc. Goran Štefanić (XRPD analysis), dr.sc. Marijan Gotić(FE SEM / EDS analysis)

Co-production: TOUCH ME Festival 2017, Kontejner – bureau of contemporary art praxis Zagreb www.kontejner.org 

Curator: Monica Bello, Head of Arts at CERN
Time and place: 6.-18.10. 2017. Gallery Močvara, Zagreb Croatia


– 2017 Touch Me Festival Zagreb


– 2017 Touch Me Festival Zagreb, Zagreb Dance Center


RE:SOUND – 8th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology at Aalborg University, Denmark, August 19-23, 2019; presenting “The sound of mineral stone: Chemical properties of civilisation”

relief WHIP OF GOD, silver Galena mineral stone

relief NEW EUROPE, gold Pyrite mineral stone

relief REBIRTH OF THE EARTH, black Sphalerite mineral stone