STATUS: In development

META_SIGNAL SONAR SYSTEM, visualisation of universal sound

RECEPTILIUM is a Hi-Tech audio-visual interactive project and performance act in which the human body and emotions are used as a communication medium, or a musical instrument that produces audio content – music when performing an analogue visual artwork, drawing visualisation of universal sound. Visitors have the opportunity to experience and attend to the creation of a visual artwork while listening to audio content as a result of the creation process. During the production of an analogue visual artwork, brain waves followed by EEG and physical motion data from hands are transmitted and converted into sounds that together form an ambient audio record connected to real-time generative visual projected on the wall. The purpose of this act is, to present the oldest language of our existence – the blueprint of the stardust; to seduce the audience with meditative movements and sounds that poetically reflects the surface of the Moon. 

First demo version of the performance RECEPTILIUM lasted 4 hours at Sounded Bodies Festival on 12th October 2018. The presentation concept is in development and will be setup differently for upcoming events.

Project concept: MOON
Music and sound concept: MOON
Technology lead and development: Ivan Vican
Technology advisor: Slavko Radman
Music consultant: Lovro Livajić
Sound designer: Mihael Vrbanić
Generative visual: MOON

Production and funding: MOON Studio 
Co-production: Sounded Bodies Festival / Domino Project
Supports: NAGON interdiscipliary laboratory of arts & Zagreb Dance Center

MOON © 2018

an outfit/a costume for performance _ Photography: MOON 2018

Photography: Nevio Smajić, 2018, Nevideno – creative workshop nevideno.com