SOUND TO SHAPE / SHAPE TO SOUND and Sound Rooms presents Artist-in-residence online program SOUND TO SHAPE / SHAPE TO SOUND

Bringing sound into the context of visual art means translating images and forms into temporal units which can be performed as audible images / forms (Shape to Sound), as we have already seen (and heard) in the historical avant-garde. Also, enabled by digital applications, the time units of a sound performance can be stabilized in spatial coordinates (Sound to Shape), which acquires that malleability of materials specific to drawing (drawing with sound), painting (painting with sound), sculpture (sculpting with sound).
The project will include 11 Sound Rooms that will integrate the artistic activity developed by the 11 artists (visuals, musicians, programmers) invited to the online residencies between June 2 and August 28, 2020 (11 weeks) within the Tehnoarte platform. The video-audio performances will be broadcast live on streaming channels (website, youtube and facebook, etc.), keeping a rhythmicity of 1 performance / week and a relative duration of 30 minutes. Sound Rooms will also include relevant information, interviews, digital applications, performance kits, etc. to create an overview of the artworks and their framing in an (inter)national context. 

Stay tuned.

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