solo exhibition, Zagreb


U dijalogu – Zbirka Benko Horvat / In dialogue – The Benko Horvat Collection


otvorenje / opening 15.9. u 19 h / at 7 pm

MSU galerija / MSU Gallery

Muzej suvremene umjetnosti
The Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Avenija Dubrovnik 17
10010 Zagreb

The concept of the solo exhibition PRESENCE (Cro. Prisutnost) by the interdisciplinary artist MOON MARTINA ZELENIKA was created especially for the exhibition cycle “In dialogue – The Benko Horvat Collection” by selecting an artifact from the collection that inspires her to dialogue.

Concept author and curator of the exhibition cycle “In dialogue – The Benko Horvat Collection”: Martina Munivrana



Private art collector Benko Horvat (1875-1955) from Zagreb donated his collection to the city in 1946 and it has been managed by the Museum of Contemporary Art ever since.

The collection includes 611 items, most of them archaeological finds (metal objects, glass, gemmas, and small ancient sculpture), while a minor section contains paintings and graphic art dating back to the 15th-18th centuries. The collection is presently closed to the public, but once the Museum has moved to the new building from its current location at St Catherine Square and Habdelićeva Street, it will be possible to make it generally accessible at either of the two addresses.