INTROVERSION by MOON, a new experimental video

will be screened at the end of the exhibtion cycle ‘Silence’ organized by the Gallery 90-60-90 | opening 19 December 8 pm | place Pogon Jedinstvo Zagreb | opening days 20 – 23 December from 4 – 8pm

A group exhibition on the topic of “Silence”: Dajana Durić, Nada Maleš, MOON Martina Zelenika

At the end of the two-year cycle, the exhibition covers three different positions in explaining the concepts of silence, courage, fear, movement and stagnation. Thus, Dajana Durić shapes her work into a personal emotional experience of losing a loved one, Nada Maleš in her photographic cycle captures the process of silence in the post-industrial environment of a turbid factory Dalmatinka, and MOON Martina Zelenika in search of ways of introspection deals with untouched nature.

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Image credit: MOON Martina Zelenika 2019