Sound Art Residency

Sound Art Residency – project RISK CHANGE, Novi Sad (Serbia),

21st – 29th October 2017

RC TOURING PRODUCTION is a part of Risk Change project.


-Presentation of the artists in the residental program-

Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad Serbia

Artsts: Petra Kapš (SI), Simon Macuh (SI), Miha Erjavec (SI), Vlado Repnik (SI) i Martina Zelenika Moon (HR)

Organization: KID KIBLA Maribora and MSUV Novog Sada

25.10.2017., 19h


APPEAL is a project which I was developed during this short residency stay.
The concept of APPEAL consists of four haiku poems written using TAB_LETTER musical elements or musical notes (TAB_LETTER Project), which can be played on any kind
of musical instrument. The other part is a written review in the form of an open critique addressing the organizer of the exhibition MIG2 (a part of the project RISK CHANGE) –
which is a personal statement from a different point of view.

The final idea for the RISK CHANGE Sound Art Residency was to collect statements related to the topic of migration from all the artists involved in this residency project, and produce a catalog as the result.